Our Vision

By creating numerous opportunities for conversation, Death Matters hopes to open up an area which has traditionally been in the closet….. that of dying and death…. an area of normal, healthy human experience which has been denied coverage by our death-phobic culture for far too long.

In exploring our fears about this great adventure, we encourage the possibility of approaching it with grace and perhaps joy. In fact, recognizing the mortal nature of our brief existence, may bring grace, joy and gratitude to every moment of our daily life.

Who We Are

Deborah Luscomb, although primarily known for her decades of ritual textile production, has a passion for bringing people together around difficult, but necessary conversations. In addition to facilitating the Halifax Death Café, she leads Death Matters workshops, a three part process to prepare documentation of end-of-life wishes. She brings extensive training in meditation, contemplation, facilitation and deep listening… and a fine sense of humor… to this inevitable adventure.

Dawn Carson is a successful business owner, a consultant on menopause transition, certified yoga instructress, non-violent communication facilitator & meditation instructor. Combining a mix of pragmatic planning and compassionate communication, she provides education and tools to help make your end of life choices. Serving as host of Death Café & Death Matters, Dawn is dedicated to helping you feel confident completing your death plan, no matter where you are in the process right now.